Company trip, company training and teambuilding

Original location and inspiring setting.
Are you looking for a beautiful, original, unique and mostly inspiring setting for a company training, teambuilding, networking meeting, assembly, workshop, product presentation or a brainstorming session?

Visit Leeuwarden – Friesland, cultural kapital 2018
Visit Leeuwarden-Friesland and several other city’s of the 11-city tour with your collegues and/or customers. We will organize a real nice cut-to-size arrangement together with you.

Team incentive

Met je bedrijf naar OerolShip arrangements offers all the possibilities for your relation and/or colleagues.

Take your relations and/or colleagues out to go on a sailing trip to network and to strengthen contacts. This will be in combination with presentations and/or training about, for example, “change management and personal leadership” and your relations and/or colleagues will be pleasantly surprised!

On a sailing boat you will have a lot of time to get to know each other and to exchange ideas in a special atmosphere.

Besides this you can do more, for example:
Survival, coast rafting, wad canoeing, power kiting, blokarting, whitewater canoeing, to attend a art workshop, cooking workshop, GPS experiential tour (with a few ships on the Wad, to navigate on the Wad), skûtsje sailing, barge sailing, canoeing on the Frisian lakes.

The ships can be provided with, among others, a beamer, internet connection, etc.

Aks us about all the possibilities.
We will be happy to inform you.